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Electricians in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Signs of Dangerous Electrical Conditions Flickering lights can be due to a benign cause, or indicate a dangerous electrical problem in your home. Don’t delay looking into it, as the worst case scenario can be a fire in your home. Use the following tips to eliminate benign sources, and to alert you when you should … Read More >

Electrical Repair in Charleston, SC

Does Your Home Require Rewiring? Most homeowner’s don’t consider rewiring your home electrical system necessary when planning  to remodel. The factors you need to consider regarding rewiring include, the age of the electrical system, whether or not amps are sufficient, if the system is up to code, and its condition. Even when the electrical system … Read More >

Energy Saving Tips | Electrician in Mt. Pleasant, SC

As the thermometer rises, so does the cost of electricity for air conditioning. The recommended temperature for saving energy when you are home is 78 degrees F. A Mister Sparky electrician in Mt. Pleasant, SC can provide the electrical services you need. The following energy saving tips can assist you in saving energy and maintaining … Read More >


Electrician Services in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Electrical Hazards in the Home Electricity is essential in our modern lives, and with it comes potential electrical safety hazards in any home. Contact Mister Sparky today to schedule electrical services for your home or business. Mister Sparky offers reliable electrician services in Mt. Pleasant, SC for all your electrical needs. Electrical Wiring Properly installed … Read More >


Smoke Detectors | Electrical Services in Charleston, SC

Smoke Detectors When was the last time you tested your smoke detectors? If they’re battery operated have you changed the battery in the past six months? Unfortunately, smoke detectors are often overlooked, and the consequences can be dire. Less than 75% of homes in the U.S. have smoke detectors. Of those who have them, about … Read More >


Tips to Go Green | Electrical Contractors in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Going Green? Tips to Get You Started In the U.S., a growing number of people are environmentally conscious. The green movement has something for everyone, typically due to the fact that energy tips for going green saves you money. Mister Sparky electrical contractors in Mt. Pleasant routinely provide energy saving and safety tips. The following … Read More >


Standby Generator | Electrical Contractors Charleston, SC

Benefits of a Standby Generators Many homeowners have portable generators for use when the power goes out. They use it to power up a freezer or refrigerator for an additional period of time, to support life saving medical equipment, and occasionally to power a window AC in a room. Unfortunately, portable generators are limited in … Read More >


Bathroom Exhaust Fan | Electricians in Charleston, SC

A bathroom exhaust fan is the best way to keep your bathroom dry and free from mold and other damage due to moisture. Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling a bathroom or have a bathroom without an exhaust fan, proper ventilation is important. Contact Mister Sparky electricians in Charleston, SC for professional exhaust fan … Read More >


Electrical Outlets and Switches | Electrical Repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Over time, electrical outlets and switches experience wear and tear. In an outlet, the result is loose plugs which easily pull out. While an inconvenience, the real danger is due to the arcing that may occur.  Worn outlets and switches can experience loose connections increasing the potential for shock and fire. Mister Sparky licensed electricians … Read More >


Electrical Services Charleston, SC

Tips for Home Security Before you go on vacation this summer, consider your home’s security. There is more you can do to secure your home while you’re away than a security system. There are a number of methods for deterring would-be burglars. Mister Sparky electricians offer reliable electrical services in Charleston, SC that can assist … Read More >

Protection Plans

The National Fire Protection Agency and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) state that every home electrical system needs annual service.

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