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Standby Generator| Electrical Services in Mt. Pleasant, SC

The power supplying your home can go out for a number of reasons. Storms, floods, fallen trees, blown transformers are common causes.  A power outage is inconvenient at best, and for those dependent on medical equipment, it can be life threatening. A standby generator offers a solution, and model size varies, enabling you to cover … Read More >

Electrical Contractors in Charleston, SC

Electrical Panel Upgrades Homes in the U.S. contain an ever growing number of appliances and electronics.  While new technology and added convenience is welcome, the electrical system periodically requires an upgrade in the electrical panel.  As appliances and other electrical products are added to the home, the electrical panel is not always capable of carrying … Read More >

How to Minimize Electricity Costs

Do you worry about the increasing electricity costs? Nowadays, dependence on electricity has significantly increased. Modern machines automate tasks and make our lives easier. However, they need energy to operate. Most of them use electricity to operate and in turn, increase our electricity bills. However, you do not need to worry about your electricity bill … Read More >

Is Your House Properly Grounded?

Having your house grounded is an essential safety measure that you need to keep in mind. Electrical grounding is the process of connecting electrical connections to the earth itself, i.e. to a ground. For a house to be properly grounded, it must have a physical connection between all of the home’s electrical components and the … Read More >

Electrical Safety Tips for Homeowners in Summerville, SC

When doing electrical repairs at home on your own, safety should be your first priority. Electrical repairs might seem easy but there are always dangers associated with them and with slightest carelessness, can turn into a life-threatening situation. According to a research conducted by State Division of Industrial Safety, California, 30% of injuries are caused … Read More >

When it is Essential to Hire a Professional Electrician

Electrical circuits need regular inspection in order to keep your house safe and sound. Some people try to do it on their own, but it is not recommended unless you are a licensed professional. Electric circuits are quite sensitive and can lead to serious damages if an amateur tries to meddle with them. Modern electrical … Read More >

9 Tips on Prevention from Electrical Hazards

The advancements in technology have increased the importance of electricity. But, not many of us take preventive measures to avoid accidents due to electrocution. Around 8,759 fire accidents occurred in England alone during 2015-16 that resulted in more than 1380 casualties. A majority of accidents occur in houses due to defective wires and careless use … Read More >

Times when electrical wiring upgrades become necessary

Upgrading the electrical wiring of your home is indeed a time-consuming hassle, which in most cases is an expensive endeavor as well. But, even with all that trouble, it is a top priority task to undergo, since faulty electrical wirings can risk the safety of everyone living in the house. Many people feel that electrical … Read More >

Electrician Services in Charleston, SC

Renovating your Kitchen? Consider the Lighting Before You Buy If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, give careful consideration to the lighting. Far too many homeowners simply choose general lighting for the kitchen. Adequate, and appropriate lighting is essential in work areas for food preparation, cooking, eating and for creating ambiance in the heart of the … Read More >

Electricians in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Signs of Dangerous Electrical Conditions Flickering lights can be due to a benign cause, or indicate a dangerous electrical problem in your home. Don’t delay looking into it, as the worst case scenario can be a fire in your home. Use the following tips to eliminate benign sources, and to alert you when you should … Read More >

Electrical Protection Plans Charleston SC

Protection Plans

The National Fire Protection Agency and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) state that every home electrical system needs annual service.

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