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6 Reasons You Should Never DIY Electrical Repairs in North Charleston, SC

Electricity is a basic utility that’s essential for the optimal functioning and comfort of a house. However, when it comes to electrical work, once should not adopt a DIY approach and get electrical repairs in North Charleston, SC done by a professional. There are only a few things related to home improvement that do not … Read More >

Electrical Safety Tips to Follow at Home | Electrical Service in Charleston, SC

The impact of electrical equipment on our life has been amazing. We are literally plagued electrical appliances that help us navigate through the day. Since we have so many electrical appliances surrounding us, electrical safety is often neglected by homeowners. What’s more, homeowners show so much neglect in this regard that they back out of … Read More >

Electrical Repair in Charleston, SC – Recessed Lighting

Electrical Repair in Charleston, SC – Recessed lighting is a popular form of LED lighting in residential homes across the United States.  Neatly tucked away, recessed lighting is contemporary and stylish. It is also a great lighting alternative in areas of the home that have low-ceilings. If you are in the market to have recessed … Read More >

Electrician in Charleston, SC – Electrical Wiring Repair

Electrician in Charleston, SC – If you have a home that is more than fort years old or more, and has not ever had an upgrade with its’ electrical wiring then you should contact an electrician in Charleston, SC to have the home’s electrical system upgrade for safety reasons.  Like most things, wiring will eventually … Read More >

Electrical Repair in Charleston, SC – Detectors

Electrical Repair in Charleston, SC – Smoke detectors are life-saving devices that are usually installed on the ceiling or the walls in homes and businesses. The purpose of smoke detectors is to warn people inside the home or business or the presence of smoke that may or may not be due to a fire.  Fires … Read More >

Electrical Services Charleston, SC – Ceiling Fans

As winter approaches, many homeowners’ are concerned with keeping energy costs down, and increasing their comfort. A ceiling fan can provide assistance in both endeavors, not only in the winter but year round. Mister Sparky licensed electricians can provide ceiling fan installation and a wide range of additional electrical services in Charleston, SC for you. … Read More >

Electrical Protection Plans Charleston SC

Protection Plans

The National Fire Protection Agency and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) state that every home electrical system needs annual service.

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