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Mister Sparky in Charleston, SC is Sure to keep your Home Sparkling | Electrical Services in Charleston, SC

Mister Sparky in Charleston, SC is chosen by many when it comes to getting electric repairs or selecting reliable electrical contractors. The provider began giving services in 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia.  The name “Sparky” comes from common electricity related term sparks, which means electricians in the local land of the founder Mr. Patrick Kennedy. Charleston’s … Read More >

Electricians in Charleston, SC – Electrical Load

Electricians in Charleston, SC – It seems like every other day there is some new gadget, appliance or device that is a must-have to put in today’s homes. All of these electrical items may make life simpler, easier, and / or more convenient but they will also increase the amount of electricity that is needed … Read More >

Electrical Repair in Charleston, SC – New Electrical System

Electrical Repair in Charleston, SC – Because of the possibility and dangerous risks that are associated with installing and servicing electrical systems, they are subject to national and international regulations through building electrical codes. Homeowners that do not have experience with electricity should never attempt to do dangerous work when handling their home’s electrical system … Read More >

Electrical Services in Charleston, SC – Smart Gadgets

Electrical Services in Charleston, SC – Smart home products are all the rave nowadays, and while smart products are only recently coming available to the public, the number of smart home products that are reaching the market daily is rapidly expanding. All of this can leave the average homeowner in the dust when it comes … Read More >

Electrician in Charleston, SC – Your Home’s Electrical System

Electrician in Charleston, SC – A home’s electrical system is more than just electrical wires, it is a more than often complex system that is designed to deliver the electricity that you need in order to enjoy a modern life as safely as possible.  Understanding all of the components that make up your home’s electrical … Read More >

6 Debunked Myths about Electricity | Electrical Repairs in North Charleston, SC

The application of electricity holds an irrevocable place in our lives now. As ubiquitous as electricity and its application may be, there are still many misconceptions related to electrical safety, electrical repairs, and electricity in general that the people of North Charleston, SC believe. We don’t necessary need Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to correct … Read More >

Electrical services in Charleston, SC – The Different Electricians

Electrical services in Charleston, SC – Believe it or not, Thomas Edison was not the first inventor to make the light bulb. However, he was the first inventor that developed an electric-powered light bulb that could stay lit and not burn its self out after a mere few minutes of usage. After his invention, Edison … Read More >

Electrician in Charleston, SC – Home Electricians

Electrician in Charleston, SC – Whenever there is an emergency that is with a home’s electricity, most homeowners will reach out to a professional electrician in Charleston, SC. How well do you know the electricity trade? If you are like most homeowners you do not understand the trade very well. When it comes to the … Read More >

Electrical repairs in Charleston, SC – Old Wiring

Electrical repairs in Charleston, SC – If you own a home that was built more than forty years ago then you should seriously consider having the electrical wiring repaired for safety reasons by a qualified and licensed electrician. Old wiring, even knob and tube wiring that days back to the early 20th century, is not … Read More >

Electrical Protection Plans Charleston SC

Protection Plans

The National Fire Protection Agency and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) state that every home electrical system needs annual service.

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