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6 Types of Electrical Problems that Require Emergency Electrical Repair | Emergency Electrical Repair in Summerville, SC

Electricity has become an integral part of our lives in the 21st century. We are so dependent on electricity nowadays that it is almost impossible to go through our daily routine without interacting with an electrical device.

This immense need for electricity has forced us to design our houses with an electrical network as well. The electrical network at our homes keeps us warm by powering the heaters in fall and keeps us cool by powering the air conditioners during the hot summer. It also lets us operate all the home appliances and allows us to charge our electronic devices as well. However, often, there can be some problems with the electrical system, and some of them can be quite serious. These serious problems need immediate attention. This means you need to call for emergency electrical repair in Summerville, SC, to take care of it.

Here are 6 electrical problems that require emergency electrical repair in Summerville, SC:

1.   Electrical Surges

Electrical surges are actually pretty common in almost every building that has an electrical network. Most of these electrical surges happen in a fraction of a second, which makes them negligible. However, if you notice frequent electrical surges at your home for a longer period of time, then there’s definitely a problem with your electrical network. Usually, electrical surges are caused by damaged wires with poor insulation. In some cases, it might be caused by faulty appliances at your home. In any case, you need to treat this as a serious issue as surges can damage other appliances at your home as well. Therefore, you need to call for emergency electrical repair in Summerville, SC after noticing frequent electrical surges.

2.   Burning Smells

Electrical burning odors are pretty distinctive, and you can instantly notice them in your home. This is because these burning smells are created from melting insulation of the electric wires. The insulation is melted due to too much heat generated inside the wires. This means that there is more current flowing through the electrical network of your home than the wires can bear. This is a serious situation, and you need to call for emergency electrical repair in Summerville, SC to get it fixed immediately.

The melting insulation reveals the metal wires which short and cause electrical fires as well. Therefore, to keep your loved ones safe, it is better to call emergency electrical repair in Summerville, SC immediately if you smell something burning at home.

3.   Sparks and Smoke From the Outlets

Electrical sparks are pretty common when you plug any electrical device in the power outlet. However, they tend to happen quite less often. If you notice frequent sparks every time you plug in any electrical device, then it means there is wire damage in the electrical network of your home. To confirm the wire damage, try to plug the same electrical device into a different outlet. If it sparks there as well, then it means there is a problem in the whole electrical network of your home. You need to call for emergency electrical repair in Summerville, SC to fix it immediately as it might damage the appliances at your home.

If you notice smoke coming out of an outlet at your home, then you need to immediately turn the breaker off. After turning off the breaker, you need to evacuate the house and call 911 to report a possible electrical fire at your home. After getting rid of the fire, you need to call for emergency electrical repair in Summerville, SC to repair or replace the electrical network of your house.

4.   Burn Marks on Outlets

If you have light colored outlets at your home, then they might show clear signs of damaged wires. If you notice dark marks on the plastic of the electrical outlets, then it’s a clear indication of the damaged wires in your electrical network. The first thing you need to do after noticing this situation is to unplug all the electrical devices at your home and call for emergency electrical repair in Summerville, SC.

5.   Electrical Devices and Wires Extremely Hot

If the electrical devices are getting too hot to touch whenever you operate them by plugging in the outlet, then it means there is clearly a problem with your electrical network. You need to confirm this by plugging a different electrical device in the same outlet. If the other device also gets extremely hot, then its confirmed that you have an electrical problem. You need to unplug all the devices in your home and call for emergency electrical repair in Summerville, SC to get it fixed immediately.

6.   Flooded Basement

Most of the suburban homes in the U.S. have basements inside them, and people like to keep a lot of electrical devices in their basements. However, basements are also quite vulnerable to flood damage whenever there is any kind of water leak. Therefore, if any flood accidents happen in your house, then you need to make sure no one steps inside the basement. The next thing you need to do is turn off all the breakers that lead to the electrical outlets and devices in the basement. After that, call emergency services to remove the water from the basement.

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