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7 Scenarios When You Need an Emergency Electrician in Charleston, SC

Emergencies can happen at any time whether in your house or at work. Among them, the most dangerous ones are electrical emergencies. These are responsible for causing around 300 deaths and a total of 4,000 injuries. Getting proper help at this time is necessary. However, not everyone knows when they should call for an emergency electrician in Charleston, SC.

To make things easier, we have compiled a small list of likely scenarios when you need to call an emergency electrician in Charleston, SC.

1.   When There is Water Damage

Water damage to electrical sockets, wires or more is very dangerous. Water is a good conductor of heat and electricity since it contains traces of minerals, metals and other ions. When you see any water pooling around sockets and other outlets, it is a good idea to just turn off the power before you investigate any further.

If the water becomes electrically charged, there is a high chance that you will get electrocuted. Flooding in the basement or leaks on the roof can compromise the wires and make it necessary to call an emergency electrician in Charleston, SC.

2.   When You See an Exposed Wire

Wires are always wrapped in plastic to insulate the current and prevent one from getting electrocuted. If the wiring of an appliance has recently become exposed, it can also mean that you the appliance will also be impacted.

They can either become electrically charged or they could consume more energy than needed. Exposed wires also increase the chances of starting electrical fires so you should call an emergency electrician in Charleston, SC. The faster this issue is fixed, the safer your home or building will be.

3.   After a Storm or Natural Disaster

After any natural disaster like earthquakes, storms or even hurricanes, there is a lot of chaos and debris. During this time, the electrical wires in your home or your area can become impacted. Most can become ungrounded whereas live wires might also be lying out in the open.

All these can cause serious injury to people. It’s a good idea to get in touch with an emergency electrician in Charleston, SC. The sooner you report the problem, the better it will be for everyone involved. While help is on the way, you should do your best to secure the perimeter, prevent others from going into that area and turn off the power, if possible.

4.   When You See Signs of Sparks or Smoke

Sometimes, old electrical sockets or plugs might start to malfunction. If you’re using an appliance and you see sparks or even smoke coming out of any wiring or the outlet, turn the appliance off. It’s also a good idea to turn the power off as the sparks could appear again.

Sparks from outlets can cause house fires and are very dangerous to handle on your own. Turn the power off and call an emergency electrician in Charleston, SC. Never try to handle sparks or smoke on your own. There is no knowing what the underlying cause is and it can be dangerous for you to handle it by yourself. Instead, just be patient and wait for the experts to handle it.

5.   Humming Sounds

A big cause for concern is if you’re hearing a humming sound emanating from your breaker box. This can be a sign that you either have a faulty or malfunctioning breaker or you have a wiring issue. Never try to handle this situation on your own. You should call an emergency electrician in Charleston, SC. Damage to the breaker box means that you will undergo a power outage or fluctuation in current.

This can cause damage to your appliances and create further problems. Do not attempt to turn the power off if your main switch is near or around the breaker box. This can increase the chances of electrocution and injury. Instead, turn off all appliances, seal off the area to keep pets, children and other people away and wait for the emergency electrician in Charleston, SC to show up.

6.   Your Power Goes Out

If you’re just sitting at home and the power goes out for no good reason, it might be an issue in the wiring or your breaker box. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you’re the only one with a power outage. Call your power company and confirm that there is no reason why this should be happening. Once you’ve removed all possible concerns, it is time to call an emergency electrician in Charleston, SC.

A sudden power outage is a cause for concern. In some cases, there is a possibility that you can have voltage fluctuations as well. Again, this is a bit disturbing since it can cause damage to your appliances and also cause issues with your lighting and wiring. If the power outage occurs after this, it can be a sign of a serious issue with your wiring.

7.   An Issue which Lasts for More Than an Hour

So, suppose you’re having issues with the wiring, flickering lights, and poor voltage or you have a power outage which has lasted for an hour or more. If that is the case, it’s time to stop looking at the clock, pick up the phone and call an emergency electrician in Charleston, SC.

Don’t try to apply any more DIY fixes. If it was easy to solve, it would have been fixed by now. Wait for the electrician to show up and secure the area as best as you can. It is also a good idea to let them know of any DIY methods you applied. This gives them a better idea of what to expect and how to fix the issue at hand.

Work with the Best

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