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A Detailed Guide on Handling Common Summer Electrical Problems | Electrical Contractors in North Charleston, SC

The summer season brings a lot of excitement and joy to people all around the world. The hot summer sun calls for cool activities. We welcome this blissful season by indulging in various water-based activities such as swimming, skiing, surfing, and scuba diving. The sandy beach is the best place to visit in the extremely hot summer months. Unfortunately, not everything that happens during summers is a source of joy.

Electrical problems come up with a sudden increase in temperature. According to electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC, excessive heat interferes with the proper functioning of transmission lines which distribute power from the electrical utility to all offices and houses in the city. Moreover, the indoor electrical system also gets affected because of the hot temperatures.

Why Do Electrical Problems Increase In Summer?

People look for reliable electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC to fix the increasing electrical problems in their homes. You must be thinking why do so many electrical problems arise during summers?

Basically, the increase in temperature decreases the efficiency of power transmission lines. An increase in temperature causes the resistance of the metal wires to increase. Resistance is the opposition in the flow of current, so less current travels through these lines during summers which gives rise to power outages and many other problems.

The heat from the sun also affects the electrical system present inside houses. Electrical wiring, power outlets, cables and appliances all get affected because of the extreme temperatures. Moreover, there is a sudden increase in electricity consumption in summers which also leads to problems. Electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC provide trained electricians who know how to solve all kinds of summer electrical problems that people might face. They are well-equipped and always ready to solve those problems.

What Are the Most Common Electrical Problems Faced During Summer?

Electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC are called for a number of problems during summer. Here are the most common issues that people face during the hot months of the year.


With a rise in temperature, there is a significant increase in the usage of electricity. Air conditioners running 24 hours a day to keep the house cool are a burden on the electrical system. Moreover, drinking chilled beer and drinks is preferred during summers and that is not possible without the use of refrigerators and beer coolers. The increased usage of these appliances overloads the electrical system of the house and causes the main breaker to trip.

Power Outages

The hot summer months are accompanies by summer storms and hurricanes. In case of such an event, the electrical company will cut off the main electrical supply to your house. You’ll have to invest in a backup generator or an alternate source of power supply for your house.

Moreover, the increased usage of electricity during summers creates a power shortage because of which you will face blackouts. The electrical company will switch off the power supply because of a gap in generation and consumption of electricity. When the consumption is more than the generation of electricity, blackouts are common. Looking for reliable electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC is a good option to cope up with unexpected power outages.

Ceiling Fan Not Blowing Cool Air

Often times, people call electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC and complain that their ceiling fan is not blowing cool air. They don’t realize that the switch on their ceiling fan is not flipped in the right direction. Always remember to flip the switch on the anticlockwise rotation mode during summers and flip the switch on the clockwise rotation mode in winters. This will ensure that cool air is blown downwards during summers and heat is circulated throughout the room during winters.


The rise in temperature heats up the electrical wiring and appliances working inside the house. Electrical appliances and wiring generate some heat on their own. This heat adds with the extra heat provided by the Sun to damage the wiring and electrical components present inside appliances.

Electrical Wiring Issues

If you’re living in a house that was built a long time back, it means that you need to look for electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC for checking the electrical wiring of your house. Older houses built around 5 decades ago, used to have electrical wiring made of aluminum which is not as good as copper. Aluminum expands when it heats up and contracts when it cools down. This distorts the shape of aluminum wiring and hinders the flow of current through it. So, if your house has outdated electrical wiring, get it replaced with new wiring by hiring reliable electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC.

How to Deal With Summer Electrical Problems?

After reading the above-mentioned common electrical problems that people face in the summer season, you must be wondering how to deal with these terrible issues. Here are a few tips that will help you deal with these problems.

  • Try to reduce your electricity consumption. Do not keep the air conditioner turned on for 24 hours. Install a programmable thermostat and use it to turn on your AC only when you are present in the house. Use a ceiling fan in conjunction with the air conditioner to cool your house efficiently, without using too much electricity.
  • Schedule an electrical inspection. Before the summer months start, look for trustworthy electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC to schedule a professional electrical inspection. This will ensure that all electrical faults such as lose wiring, faulty breakers and broken insulation are fixed before any major problem arises. It will act as a preventative measure for dealing with electrical problems.
  • Invest in a backup generator. To enjoy an uninterrupted supply of electricity during unexpected blackouts, consider buying a backup generator for your house. Professional electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC will help you install a backup generator.

If you face any electrical problem during the hot summer months, don’t forget to call Mister Sparky. They provide the best electrician services in Mt Pleasant and Charleston. For more details about their services and special offers, visit their website or give them a call at 843-303-9833.

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