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Common Electrical Problems around the House That Might Be Screaming For Your Attention | Emergency Electricians in North Charleston, SC

Most homeowners are capable of taking care of basic problems around their house. Replacing bulbs, changing AC filters, and even fixing electrical switches is easy enough for many people. However, ease of doing something and taking precautions cannot be tradeoffs by a long shot. Expert emergency electricians in North Charleston, SC warn the DIY-ers to take it easy.

The only thing that expert electricians recommend people to do is keep an eye on the electrical problems in their houses.

Many homeowners go on ignoring electrical problems for so long that they end up requiring a major repair. More than that, they end up putting the lives of the house residents at risk.

For the sake of everyone’s safety, we’re listing down some of the most common electrical problems around the house that might be screaming for attention:

·      Frequently Burning Light Bulbs

If you think there is something extremely strange about all your light bulbs burning out so fast, then you are right. It is not normal for light bulbs to burn out before their warranted time. If you notice it happening with more than two light bulbs in the house, then you need to call your expert emergency electricians in North Charleston, SC.

This usually happens when there is a loose connection in the socket or in the circuit. If the bulbs are outright blowing up then it could be because of the nearby insulation. Recessed lights will turn off themselves to prevent fire hazards. Either way, it’s a clear sign you need electrical repairs.

·      Flickering Lights

When the lights around your house flicker every time it gets windy, then it is a sign that the wiring in the weatherboard is probably frayed and causing a short every time the wind blows.

In addition to being annoying, this problem is dangerous as the wiring can arc and cause a fire. The only solution to this problem is contacting an emergency electrician in North Charleston, SC for fixing or changing the faulty wires. It’s a serious concern so we’d advice not to delay it any more than you already have.

·      Shocks

Most people call emergency electricians in North Charleston, SC right up when they experience some strong electrical shocks. However, house owners make a serious mistake by ignoring minor electrical shocks.

These shocks could be because of two reasons. Either you are not careful around electrical appliances and electrical sources in your house and often use wet hands or put too much weight on your outletsor because the appliances and the wiring itself has an issue.

Whatever the reason is, call your emergency electricians in North Charleston, SC and have them make it safer for you.

·      Circuit Breaker Tripping Frequently

Circuit breaker itself is a warning sign fixed in our houses to let us know when too much power is being consumed.

Some appliances such as hairdryers and microwaves consume high wattages and are often the reason behind the circuit breaker tripping. It’s a sign that something needs to be looked at. Call your emergency electricians in North Charleston, SC when the circuit trips next time, and ask them to help you find a solution.

·      Extremely High Electricity Bills

If your electricity bills have skyrocketed all of a sudden, even when your electricity consumption is the same then there might be a problem.

It could be because any of your electric appliances might be in need of a repair and pulling too much energy to continue functioning normally.

You could also try reducing your energy bills by installing LED lights in your house. In addition, make a habit of switching off lights and unplug all appliances when not in use.

Except for controlled consumption of electricity, do not try anything else yourself and reach out to your emergency electricians in North Charleston, SC to fix electrical problems for you.

·      Old Aluminum Wiring

This problem might be a little hard to detect and you’ll have to go out of your way to find this out. You need to know the kind of wiring your house has. You can ask your landlord, or you can all in any emergency electricians in North Charleston, SC to find it out for you.

This step is even more important for those living in an old house. If the house has aluminum wiring then it’s a problem. Times have changed and safer copper wires have been invented for house wiring. Aluminum wiring corrodes upon coming in contact with copper and the connections loosen up. As a result, it can cause arcing and fires.

·      Outlets

Certain outlets are a dead giveaway of requiring emergency attention. If there are dead outlets in the house then that means they have turned out that way as a result of a tripped power connection. It can also happen with other outlets in the house unless the excessive heat buildup is not fixed.

Outlets that get warm frequently are a serious safety concern and need to be looked at as soon as possible. Other than that, an electrical outlet that makes noises and gives out sparks should be fixed by an electrician.

Go on and inspect your house thoroughly. If you find any of the aforementioned electrical problems then reach out to an emergency electrician in North Charleston, SC to fix it for you. In case you’re searching for an experienced and reputable emergency electrician in North Charleston, SC then you don’t have to look far. You can put your trust in the expert electricians at Mister Sparky Electric South Carolina, and they won’t disappoint.

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