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Converting Your Home to LED Lighting | Electrical Contractors in North Charleston, SC

Are you confused with all this talk about LED lights? Have you been thinking if this is really something worth looking into, or just another trendy fixture for modern homes?

Allow us to tell you that LED lighting is worth all the hype and rage surrounding it, and if you see any electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC, call them to switch to LED lighting right now.

There is absolutely no chance that you’ll ever regret calling electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC to your home and asking them to switch your house to LED lighting.

If you’re wondering why we are going all gaga over these lights, believe us that we have every reason to. As a matter of fact, by the time you’ll finish reading this article, you too will be reaching out to an electrical contractor in North Charleston, SC to experience this magic yourself.

Here’s why we think switching to LED lights is the best decision you could make at the start of this year:

·      Energy-Efficient

Compared to all the regular traditional lighting in your home right now, LED lighting is 80% more efficient. Unlike fluorescent and incandescent lights that we usually use, LED lights only consume 5% of energy for illumination, whereas the remaining 95% is converted into heat.

This isn’t the only way LED lights are energy-efficient – they are also known for pulling a very low amount of power as compared to traditional lighting. Where a regular light would use 84 watts, an LED light would consume 36 watts while providing the same strength of light.

In less than a year, LED lights will pay you back the cost of your electrical contractor in North Charleston, SC, and the LED lights, by saving you big on your energy bills.

·      Long Life

If you thought energy-efficiency was the only benefit that LED was providing you, then you are in for a surprise. One of the reasons LED is one of the most exciting technological advancements is because of its long life span. Compared to your run-of-the-mill incandescent bulbs, LED lights run 40 times longer.

In terms of longevity, LED lights even beat metal halide, fluorescent, and sodium vapor lights. It can hardly get better than this! If you haven’t already, you should contact the best electrical contractor in North Charleston, SC and ask them to convert your house to an energy-saving sanctuary.

·      Highly Functional

You might have noticed that your regular fluorescent lights and HID lamps take some time to provide bursting brightness as soon as they are switched on.

On the other hand, an LED light gets to work as soon as you flip the switch on. There is no delay and this feature makes LED lights very convenient in many situations.

·      Environmentally-Friendly

As citizens of the Earth, it is our responsibility to take care of our planet. In addition to doing the most basic to save our planet, we can also make sure we are living in a house that is not harmful to our planet. One way to ensure that is to have an electrical contractor in North Charleston, SC convert our houses to LED lighting.

LED lights contain absolutely no toxic chemicals and materials, unlike the conventional ones that contain mercury. Additionally, LED lights are recyclable and allow us to reduce our carbon footprint by a large percentage. If that isn’t a reason to call an electrical contractor in North Charleston, SC right now for aninstant switch, we don’t know what is.

·      Safety

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of living in a house with LED lights is their safety. LED lights are not made of glass and hollow inside, hence even an accidental hit will not shatter them.

Additionally, LED lights do not get heated even if they have been running on for hours. Even if someone touches them, they are cool and do not pose any danger of burning or a fire. If you are always worried about the lights on the low-ceilings of your house, ask your electrical contractor in North Charleston, SC to switch them to LEDs.

·      Aesthetically Pleasing

Led lights are small in size, despite being so powerful and high functional. Their small size makes them suitable for a number of spaces and lighting applications.

From studio and stadium lighting, to traffic signals and modern mood lighting, LED can handle them all like a pro. If you have been searching for something like this, then here’s your solution.

All you have to do is get in touch with the best electrical contractor in North Charleston, SC and achieve the décor of your choice.

·      Diversity

LED lights are also available in a variety of colors that is correlated with the temperature it provides. Correlated color temperature (CCT) LEDs allow you to pick from warm yellowish glow, or a cool white light from among many others.

·      Generates Directional Emissions

Conventional bulbs emit light in a 360°direction, while LED lights emit in only 180° direction. That might sound like a bad thing but it is actually not.Conventional bulbs just end up emitting light towards the ceiling as well and driving up your energy bills. LEDs, however, illuminate the room only, which is why they can save you money big time.

Are you convinced? If yes, then it’s time to start your hunt. Not all electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC will be able to provide you a full-fledged LED lighting in the house. You need someone with enough expertise in the matter. You can trust Mister Sparky Electrics to do a fine job of switching your house to LED lights smoothly.

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