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Dangers of doing DIY electrical repairs | Electrician in Summerville, SC

Today’s thriving internet ecosystem is dominated by social media posts and YouTube videos which teach you to perform professional electrical repairs yourself. While the educational videos you see on the internet are generally very beneficial when it comes to disseminating useful knowledge, that doesn’t necessarily translate well into practice. That 40 minutes of DIY electrical repair video is not enough to eliminate the risk factor when you’re working with electricity and wires. These are dangerous grounds even for electricians that are highly qualified individuals to begin with.

Most people have tried their luck with repairing something in their house in the form of a DIY. But the result of their DIY repair compounds the problem to a worse state than it was. It could even make relatively harmless repairs into potentially life-threatening situations.

The person might not necessarily see through their faults and the inherent risk they are faced, but danger is always lurking in the corner. Often times they see the dangers of their repair work only after it is too late when their little misadventure manifests itself as a fire in the house that has now run out of control. We have listed down below a list of common mistakes, perils and dangers that a person exposes themselves to when they take matters into their own hands.

Screws and bolts

Not many homeowners in California are aware of the importance of properly tightening a bolt, they either become lackadaisical by not tightening it enough or go over-the-board by applying more torque than is necessary to over-tight the screw. Removing the screw afterward is easier said than done, it requires constant thrashing with hammers and all kinds of makeshift tools to remove the now damaged bolt.

Manufacturers have set certain standards and have a strict set of torque values for their screws and bolts which require the expertise of an experienced electrician. Even the professionals sometimes have gaps in their knowledge about the torque requirements in electrical connections. It is important to stay vigilant, well informed and most importantly, have access to the proper tools.

The electrical outlet

While it might seem to be an easy repair to take charge of, most home owners don’t anticipate the dangers of making bad connections. When they come across problems in their electrical outlets, such as wires not being long enough to make new connections, they overextend the cables in hopes of setting them up. This places undue stress on the wires, which woefully exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended parameters. This in turn could kill the connection outright or result in fires, whichever is worse.

Often times home owners would muddle up different wires and not understand the implications of a phenomenon known as ‘shorting’ which can also lead to disastrous fires. If the stressed-out wire does not fail to make an electrical connection with the outlet, it most certainly will make a connection with an adjacent live wire which is placed in close proximity, what follows thereafter is disaster.

Making the drills

Drilling is the most common path people tend to take when hanging pictures, ornaments and paintings on their walls. What they don’t know is that cables are hidden behind the walls, which can be drilled into if punctured. This can not only hamper your existing electrical connection but also result in a jolt of electric shock running through your body – which isn’t good for your health.

It can also cause electrical failure throughout the rest of the house if you’re not careful. A good quality cable detector can help to minimize some of these errors by letting the home owners know where to drill and what places of the wall to avoid puncturing into in case a live wire catches them by surprise.

Light fixtures

Most people would rather think that it is the same as a USB port. But it is not. Home owners are generally not aware where the cables are situated and don’t know which wires should go where. Often times, every light fixture has its own instructions for installation. If the wiring isn’t up to the mark, it could be a potential fire hazard just waiting to happen.

It is important to consult a professional to handle these repairs and to not take them into your own hands. A professional electrician in Summerville, SC will know how to make these repairs without resulting in a show of fireworks.

Sometimes owners install bulbs with a higher wattage than what the light fixture or wiring can handle. The bulb can melt the sockets and insulation of the wire itself and eventually cause a fire. For this reason, hiring a professional electrician in Summerville, SC is the only way to go.

Non-fused adaptors

These days the plug adapts are fused, a practice which eliminates the risk of any fire hazards. But on the off chance that you are dealing with a non-fused adaptor, make sure that all electrical appliances are properly plugged in. If you are constantly in the habit of attaching multiple devices to your electrical outlet, it is recommended to get a professional to replace them with proper sockets.

Isolating the electrical wires

It is important to realize that when you’re working on electrics, you properly isolate everything. It is an elementary mistake often made by professionals who don’t realize the dangers of failure to isolate the wires they’re working on.

It takes too much time

Yet another problem with DIY work is that even if you eliminate the risk of fire and electric shock, you will have to give it the proper time. Because most homeowners are not properly acquainted with the knowledge and experience of electrical work, they end up spending more time than a seasoned professional would normally use up fixing the repair work.

While it is tempting to repair that small electrical outlet which seemingly only requires an adhesive taste to put together, there is more to a problem than what is seen. A professional electrician in Summerville, SC will always know the ins and outs of these potential risks and eliminate them before attempting repairs and maintenance.

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