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Electric Repairs in Charleston, SC That You Should Never Do Yourself

Most electric repairs in Charleston, SC are not to be taken lightly. These repairs are extremely serious, and it is best for you to stay away from them. Inspired by the recent wave of DIY videos on the Internet, Homeowners nowadays are willing to run all plumbing, electrical and home repair by themselves. Playing with the electrical outlets in your home is something that no expert would recommend, considering the hazards that are associated with the job.

Electric repairs in Charleston, SC require the expert handling of someone experienced enough to do the job. Someone who does not have the required experience will not be able to handle these repairs, because they require a lot of proficiency among many other things. It is extremely necessary that you call over an electrician with the requisite experience to handle the job. Homeowners that take up this job are at a risk from electrical hazards that can come up at any time. Not just this, but homeowners also don’t have the required safety gear. Without this safety gear they would be directly under the risk of an electrical hazard.

Although all electrical repairs in Charleston, SC should be left for the able hands of an expert, here are some repairs that you should avoid at all costs. Try avoiding these repairs and do not let DIY videos on the Internet fool you into thinking that it is okay to run all sorts of electrical repairs.

Repairing the Service lugs in a Breaker Box

Any electrical repair in Charleston, SC that asks for you to open, repair or mess with the service lugs in a breaker box should be avoided at all costs and given to an expert handler. Firstly, if you don’t know about service lugs, then you shouldn’t even be near a breaker box. The only time homeowners should open the breaker box is when they need to reset a tripped breaker. Other than that, they should try keeping away and not mess with the lugs and other equipment inside of the breaker box.

Service lugs are basically the screw terminals inside a breaker box, positioned to secure the service cables. More importantly, what you should know about them is that they are always hot and charged, even if you shut off the main valve. So, touching them without protective gear is out of the context. Moreover, also try to steer away from touching the cigar-sized cables that are connected to these lugs. Definitely not the best smoking option!

Working on the Weather-head

Working on the weather-head is another one of the items present in the “please, don’t even think of it” category. The weather-head, which is also referred to as the periscope or the service mast, connects the electricity service line coming from the utility poles to your home. Since most homeowners think of this to be part of their house, they consider running a repair on it all by themselves. They are more often than not tempted to upright the pole or tighten a bolt. However, the thought of more than 200 amps cruising through your body should curb your enthusiasm.

Wiring with Power On

Superman is at it again. The only problem being that you are no superman. Doing re-wiring or wiring with the power on is as stupid as it gets. Electric repairs in Charleston, SC can get tricky, which is why we have been advising you to drop the attitude and get someone who is capable enough to handle the repair. Homeowners commit simple mistakes like this while wiring their home, and they often run the risk of coming across a hot wire that gives them a shock, shocking enough for them to leave the job halfway and change homes.

We would absolutely not advise you to work with hot wires. Working with hot wires can be tough for anyone, which is why the best course of action should be to avoid the work altogether. Moreover, just because you have seen an electrician work this way does not mean that you too should start taking additional risks. It is advised that you keep away from hot wires and recommend the same to any electrician doing so as well.

Repair Appliances

Repairing appliances isn’t as simple as what it has been made to be. Electrical repairs in Charleston, SC that involve appliances can get tricky, and you should get the task done by an expert. Many appliances have capacitors working alongside them, so even if you turn the power off, you might not have discharged the capacitor. This presents a major risk and you should try avoiding it to get the best results.

Most appliances have a complex system, and you might not be able to understand them if you haven’t done a similar job before. And, with the capacitor still not discharged, you may run the risk of major electrical hazards if you touch the appliance with a metal tool. The best way to avoid these hazards is to have an electrical repair in Charleston, SC from an experienced professional. The professional would handle the job well, and would know of the ins and outs involved.

Meddling with Hybrid or Electric Cars

We would like to finish the list with a warning against tinkering or meddling with electric cars by yourself. Not only are the systems in these cars complicated beyond your wildest, but they can become your most dreaded nightmare. They are also extremely dangerous to work on without expert care. You should always look for expert help if you want to open the hood of your electric car and meddle with what’s underneath it.

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