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Electrical Repair in Charleston, SC – Recessed Lighting

Electrical Repair in Charleston, SC – Recessed Lighting

Electrical Repair in Charleston, SC – Recessed lighting is a popular form of LED lighting in residential homes across the United States.  Neatly tucked away, recessed lighting is contemporary and stylish. It is also a great lighting alternative in areas of the home that have low-ceilings. If you are in the market to have recessed lighting installed in your home or you are in need of electrical repair in Charleston, SC then give Mister Sparky a call today to set up an appointment with one of our professional electricians.

When it comes to the installation of recessed LED lighting it can be quite a bit frustrating and if you are not sure what you are doing you could possibly damage the recessed lighting kits themselves. It very well might be better to hire a company that specializes in electrical installation and electrical repair in Charleston, SC to install the LED lighting for you. If you already have recessed LED lighting installed in your home then you probably already have one or two recessed LED lighting fixtures that have become loose or crooked due to the mounting clips not staying in place.

Possibly, you have multiple LED lighting clips that have entirely malfunctioned and the LED lights themselves are hanging from the recess.  If you have come across this article while searching for help, then you can count on Mister Sparky for your electrical repair in Charleston, SC. Our professional technicians will be able to fix the recessed LED lighting fixtures and get everything back where it belongs promptly.

Not all clips operate or are built the same way.  A few clips, such as Cooper and Lithonia Lights appear that they will not be able to hold, however, once you press the LED lighting upward, the clips will swing tightly in place. Clips such as Halo, especially their 6” variants, tend to pop loose. Usually, with a sharp tap with the side of some pliers, you should be able to pop the clips back into place.

Quick Fixes

With recessed LED lighting there are two common and quick fixes that are often recommended. These two fixes are as follows:

Bend the Clips – Many do-it-yourselfers and professional electricians alike, state that by bending the clips outward it will help the clip engage when it is pushed to lock into place.

Rapping the Clips – Another quick fix that is recommended by do-it-yourselfers and professional electricians is to quickly rap the clip just once, with a small, but heavy object such as a pair of pliers to force the clip into engaging. However, if one quick rap doesn’t force the clip to engage then subsequent raps most likely will not either.

Leverage – A third quick fix involves pushing a small item in between the clip and the LED light’s housing when the clip is loose. The best item to use in this case would be a staple; however, you will need perfect aim in order to secure the staple between the clip and the housing. If your hands are not steady and your aim is not perfect, luckily there is an alternative method.

Puncture Recessed Light Housing – This alternate method requires actually puncturing the recessed LED lighting housing with just one leg of the staple. The other leg of the staple will form the arm that holds the clip into place.  The reason this works great is because the housing is made of a cheaper and thinner material than the clip itself.

Recessed LED lighting is best left alone and the more you tinker with them, the weaker the housing and clips will become. If you ever need to remove the LED light from the recessed fixture, you should make use of a flat-head screwdriver to pry under the clip and then pull it outward.  Once removed and the new LED light is installed, you will need to repeat the same process above in stapling the clip into place. However, once this is done, there may only be one or two more re-stapling’s left before you most likely need to replace the entire LED recessed lighting kit itself.

If you need assistance with your recessed LED lighting or you are looking to have it installed in your home then you will need the professional services of a electrical repair in Charleston, SC to assist you. Mister Sparky in Charleston, SC is a well-known and respected electrical repair in Charleston, SC that has serviced Charleston and surrounding areas for many years. Give us a call today to schedule an appoint for recessed lighting installation or any other electrical installation or repair needs.

About Mister Sparky in Charleston, South Carolina

Mister Sparky was founded in 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. This location is now one of the leading residential electrical service and repair companies in the entire Eastern United States and it is also one of the biggest nationwide. Our name, “Mister Sparky”, comes from the term “sparky” or sparks,” which is a common nickname for electricians from the founder Patrick Kennedy’s native country, Ireland.  Mister Sparky has an impeccable record for delivering fast, on-time service, accurate upfront pricing and an overall pleasant experience for customers who need electrical repair in Charleston, SC and surrounding areas.

At Mister Sparky we differentiate ourselves from all other electrical repair and service companies by our unique message: Mister Sparky – “America’s On-Time Electrician.” Out mottos is, We’re On Time, You’ll See, Or The Repair is Free. And we mean it. In fact, Mister Sparky is the “On-Time” contractors in the electrical field and we champion it in the marketplace nationwide. Mister Sparky has over 86 locations nationwide and growing every year.  Over the years we have provided superior electrical repair in Charleston, SC and surrounding areas.  With honest and professional service that simply gets the job done, time after time again.

No matter what type of electrical problem you may have if you need electrical repair in Charleston, SC, you can count on Mister Sparky to deliver superior results.  Mister Sparky’s electricians are well-trained to resolve any electrical problem in a prompt, professional and accurate manner.  If you need electrical repair in Charleston, SC, then give Mister Sparky a call today to get rid of your electrical problems with effective and trusted measures.

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