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Hiring an Electrician- A Guide for Business Owners | Electricians in North Charleston, SC

Regardless of the size of the company you are running, there will be times when you would need help from Electricians in North Charleston, SC. Therefore, we have created a guide for you to hire the right electrician for whatever job you need them for.

When you try to fix or install your own electrical components, you are actually risking your life and that of the others around you. There’s is a reason why we have professional Electricians in North Charleston, SC. Most people do not have enough knowledge to deal with the electrical issues and even if they do, they would still lack the relevant expertise.

In the industry, electrocution is one of the most fatal workplace related injuries. If professionals have a high risk of injury doing their everyday jobs, how can an average person be safe when it comes to the electrical repairs?

Therefore the next time you need an electrical repair, it is better to call an electrician. Not only because it can keep you safe, but also because they can ensure a better quality of work.

So today we have brought this guide to hiring an electrical specifically for your business needs. Whether it is installations or just repair and maintenance, look at this guide before you hire and electrician.

Here are the few things that you need to be looking at.

Are They Licensed and Insured?

If you do not have the time enough to read the rest of the guide, just bear in mind to always hire workers that are licensed and insured. Any electrician or other practitioner without a license should never be hired for your home or business.


That being said, licensed electricians are usually of two types. First are journeyman electricians. They are the beginners who have taken the coursework in order to qualify for practicing as an electrician. They are however licensed and have hundreds of hours of experience.

The second type is of master electricians. They are superior to the journeyman and in fact are ones whom you can actually consider to be experienced. They need to have at least two years of experience and have to pass a standardized test.

Passing these tests also makes them proficient in the national electricity code and any other local regulations in place.

A journeyman can install wring but cannot design electrical systems. Therefore, if you need an entire system redesign, you will need to hire a master electrician for this purpose. Quite a few Electricians in North Charleston, SC hold this status.


Practitioners need to have insurance to protect themselves as well as your house or the business. This is because if anything goes wrong while they are working, the insurance covers you both. Although there are lesser chances of errors, but still it is better to be safe than sorry.

The electricians’ insurance would work with your insurance to cover for your losses and damages too. So even if a problem like bad wiring causes long term problems, insurance can also cover your costs in such a case.

Apart from your business, insurance also protects the electricians from their own errors. The insurance will protect the Electricians in North Charleston, SC from lawsuits.

Electricians in North Charleston, SC who protect their liability are way more trustworthy than those who do not, as even simple mistakes could result in thousands of dollars in penalties.

Ask Them about Your Local Code

Reputable Electricians in North Charleston, SC should know the local electrical codes. Always inquire them about their knowledge about the building needs and whether they fall in line with what is required by the local code.

All good Electricians in North Charleston, SC would know what is allowed and what is not. If they have to ask other for the code, or refer to the written code every time, there are chances that they are not even experienced.

However, in some complex conditions, some electricians in Charleston might as well need to refer to the code before they begin. If someone does not verify their information on the complex and unique conditions can also prove to be bad, as they might be getting over confident with their work.


Always look for an electrician who fits your very specific needs. Look for someone experienced working on commercial buildings rather than private homes.

It’s also good to find someone who’s experienced in fixing the specific issue you’re having. The more experience they have, the better chance they’ll have an easy fix to your problem. Plus, they’ll also do higher-quality work.

Likewise, commercial electricians have experience working with large-scale electrical projects. While wiring a plug in a private home is straightforward, outfitting business space easily gets complex.

Read Online Reviews

When looking for electricians, you do not want to be wasting time talking to the ones whom others have already declared as untrustworthy. The best way to find the Electricians in North Charleston, SC that people have already uncovered as not trustable is to go online and look for reviews. Not just the reviews on the website of the said electrician, but also on the third party platforms such as yelp. Keep in mind not to get too intimidated by the generic negative views about a particular electrician. You also need to realize that people are more likely to leave negative feedback than a positive one.

Dig through the review sites to find the ones that have better reviews. You can also list the most popular ones down and then call them all up one by one to gain the rest of the information.

Ask Around

It is also good to as around other business in the area for Electricians in North Charleston, SC. This endorsement can also help both in terms of the quality of work that they have provided before and also because coming through a reference, the electricians would ensure the quality of work.

If you also need to hire professional Electricians in North Charleston, SC to get installations or repairs done at your business premises, call Mister Sparky South Carolina.

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