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Importance Of Hiring An Emergency Electrical Service North Charleston, Sc

An electrician is a trained professional who is responsible for the servicing and repairing of electrical appliances, wiring, electrical circuits and looking into other household electrical related problems. The electricians and their job are vital to our day-to-day lives, as most of our daily tasks involve usage of electricity. All technological applications around us would become useless if we’re deprived of electricity due to a breakdown, or some other reason. In such situations, we need help from an emergency electrical service in North Charleston, SC.

Moreover, it is difficult to carry out electricity related task at home yourself, because unlike several other tasks like lawn mowing, it requires technical skills and has huge threats associated to it. This is why in an emergency, it is advisable that you immediately contact an emergency electrical service in North Charleston, SC rather than trying to diagnose or resolve the matter yourself.

Importance of Technicians

Why do we hire professionals for different tasks starting from, mechanics for automotive repairs to other professionals like doctors and solicitors. This is because we lack the sufficient knowledge required to perform in that particular field.

Similarly, when it comes to home chores, we need professionals to help us solve various problems. We hire plumbers for a water leak emergency, a carpenter for woodwork and if it is an electrical emergency, an emergency electrical service in North Charleston, SC.

The reason why we hire them is their expertise in the field. Did you know many of the house fires around the world start from poorly connected cables, or short circuits? When it comes to electrical installations, one discrepancy can turn into a chain reaction causing a huge threat for the residents of the house.

For instance if wires in a socket were not properly tightened, the current would start to jump over the loose connections causing sparks, these sparks result in the wires becoming heated up. When wires heat up the resistance increases which produces more heat. This heat can melt the insulation of the wires causing them to expose and result in a deadly short circuit.

Sometimes these short circuits only burn the socket, other times they might burn the appliances connected to it. However, if the situation gets worse, they might result in a fire. This is why, it is important that whenever you feel the sockets heating up call an emergency electrical service in North Charleston, SC.

Importance of an Emergency Electrical Service In North Charleston, SC

Sometimes we are lucky that the issue comes to our notice before anything bad happens, in such cases, the homeowner should immediately shut off the power from the main circuit board to prevent any further damage and call an emergency electrical service in North Charleston, SC.

The reason why you need an emergency electrical service in North Charleston, SC is because regular electricians are only available on weekdays and that too in the work hours, or sometimes for extended hours, however, if you faced an emergency on a holiday, or late at night, you will not be able to seek help from your regular electrician.

Emergency electricians are mostly available around the clock, seven days a week. Mostemergency electrical service in North Charleston, SC would send their technicians to your place within an hour.

Another reason why emergency electricians are important because they have their set work principles, some of which are below:

  • The electrician would arrive within an hour ninety percent of the times
  • Minor parts and materials required for the emergency service are usually included in their packages
  • They focus on mitigating the issues as quickly as possible, as compared to the regular electricians who take quite longer.

Emergency Electrician

It is important that you are able to differentiate between the electrical maintenance and emergency repairs. If you fail to understand what is risky and what is not, you can end up in trouble. Some issues like those stated above, pose a greater threat and could result into huge losses (and therefore require immediate attention of emergency electrical service in North Charleston, SC, while with others, you might be able to live with some days before getting them repaired.

Here are some common reasons why you might have to hire an emergency electrical service in North Charleston, SC:

Exposed wires

If you witness any exposed wires, you should not take this issue lightly, as exposed wires not only pose a threat of electrocution but also increase the risk of fire due to short circuits. Therefore, whenever you see an exposed wire anywhere around the house, warn everyone at home about it and call an emergency electrician

When water and wire come into contact

This can become a serious situation. Sometimes if there is a blackout, it can be hard to see water. If you notice a pool of water near wiring, you need to be careful and stay away. This is because water would conduct electricity and upon coming in contact with wires, it can cause electrocution. Therefore, whenever there is a blackout, always carry a torch with you when walking around areas with wires nearby.

When an electrical socket is smoking

If you see smoke coming from a socket, it is nothing else but burning wires. Turn of the main circuit and call an emergency electrician immediately to take care of the matter.

Switches or outlets are warm to touch

If the switches are warm to touch, they could be because a heavy appliance is drawing too much current or it could be something quite dangerous. You would need an emergency electrician in this situation too.


As a homeowner, you should know in what situations you would need to call an emergency electrician. Since most of the homeowners are not aware of where the problem is arising, it is always important to seek professional help. Call Mister Sparky  if you need help too.

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