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Lowering Your Home’s Electrical Hazards | Electricians in North Charleston, SC

Electricity is a bare necessity of modern life. It’s something that we cannot live without in cities and suburban locales. That being said, you do need to remain informed about some of the basic things regarding electrical hazards that may arise and the way in which you can avoid those hazards.

Today, we are making a sincere effort to inform you about the different kind electrical hazards. Plus, we’ll tell you about how you can safeguard yourself before contacting professional electricians in North Charleston, SC.

They will solve the electrical problems and mitigate hidden electrical hazards, safeguarding you and your family from the potential risksposed by said hazards.

1.  Pay Attention to Appliance Behavior and Contact Professional Electricians if Erratic

Appliance behavior can be a strong indicator of what’s instore, electrically, for your household. If a household appliance is behaving erratically, in any way, you know something is up. Whether it’s blowing a fuse, tripping up the circuit breaker, or shocking you (mildly), you shouldn’t take its behavior lightly. Get help from professional electricians in North Charleston, SC.

The professionals will surely analyze the signs and get to the component in the circuit or the appliance itself that’s malfunctioning. Before you contact the electrician, however, you need to unplug the appliance and not continue using it.

This can help you keep the situation under control and avoid any malfunctions or electrical hazards in the future. When the professional electricians in North Charleston, SC arrive at your premises, they can inspect the appliance and related electrical components and circuits. After they make the necessary repairs or replacements, they will advise you about precautionary measures that should be taken when using the appliance in the future.

If they are professionals and ask you to replace the appliance, it’s not that they want to make a quick buck. The replacement may be necessary as the appliance may no longer be salvageable, and if it would not be replaced it would continue to bug the residents in the house with electrical problems and hazards.

The electricians in North Charleston, SC will be very forthcoming about explanations as to why you need a certain appliance replaced, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Electricity and Moisture Do Not Mix

This one seems like a no brainer, but some homeowners seem to skip over this well-known fact. When you are placing a wired appliance in your home, you should know that the wires of the appliance (even if it is a washing machine) needs to be kept away from any source of moisture.

Regardless of whether they are on or off, these exposed wires, when in contact with water, can become an electrical hazard in the home. People have been known to suffer from electrical shock when they come into contact with the wires in a damp environment.

Professional electricians in North Charleston, SC severely advise against installing electrical appliances and leaving their wires exposed, in humid or damp areas, whether the appliances are turned on or off.

They also advise against unplugging a device that has fallen into the water, even if it was by accident. Instead, the professional electricians advise you to go to the controlling electrical panel and shut down the power to the circuit that connects to the appliance.

Then it’s safe to unplug the device from circuit. Remove the water from the appliance and leave it to dry naturally. Once the appliance is dry, you should be able to call electricians in North Charleston, SC to help you evaluate the extent of the damage and whether the appliance needs replacement or repairs.

GFCI’s are Your Friend When It Comes to Electrical Hazards

Relatively newly constructed homes use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI’s) not as a choice but as a requirement. They actually help in mitigating the risks of electric shock from electrical outlets that are close to water or other conducting liquids.

If your home doesn’t have a GFCI, the professional electricians in North Charleston, SC recommend that you get these receptacles installed as it increases the safety of your home (when it comes to the number of electrical hazards present).

The main reason that GFCI’s are recommended by electricians in North Charleston, SC, is that it helps detect any leaks from electrical circuits and shuts off power to that circuit immediately, preventing damage. The risks of fire, burns, electrical shock and even electrocution are minimized due to this little device.

The most common places where these devices are installed include kitchens, garages and bathrooms (all areas where there is a high chance of water and moisture to be present).

Outlet Covers to Keep Your Kids Protected

Kids are naturally curious, but you shouldn’t let that curiosity endanger their lives. Babies and small children get around the house. They have a tendency to touch and feel everything as they move around. If you don’t have outlet covers installed over receptacles, they may stick their finger into an uncovered receptacle and can get electrocuted.

That’s why professional electricians in North Charleston, SC recommend that you install special child proof wall plates of plug-in type outlet covers to safeguard your children from being exposed to a very dangerous electrical shock.

There are retractable covers in these products to prevent a curious child from getting into a life-endangering situation.

Only Use Correctly Sized Fuses and Circuit Breakers

If your circuit breakers are not of the right size, it means their power ratings are not to the specifications of the circuits you are using them in. This is something that is left best to professional electricians in North Charleston, SC, like those from Mister Sparky.

Your electrical appliances and devices will not perform optimally and may even stop working if the circuit breakers or fuses used don’t have the right specifications. Replacements for electrical devices such as fuses and circuit breakers need to be carefully examined for ratings before they are bought.

The advice of a professional is necessary in such a case, and it allows you to make the most out of your particular situation. Don’t delay getting advice from professionals when it comes to something as delicate as electrical hazards.

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