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Mishandling Electrical Home Appliances | Electricians in North Charleston, SC

A modern home today simply cannot function without electrical appliances. As a matter of fact, it’s safe to say certain appliances have become a necessity, making our lives easier by performing a wide range of tedious tasks within minutes.

Convenient as they are, these home appliances can also become a menace if they are mishandled or mismanaged.

You have far greater chances of enjoying the benefits of electrical appliances when you’re doing everything right and avoiding all kinds of risks.

Unfortunately, most of the time, we end up mishandling our home appliances and putting everyone at risk. Most of the mishandling is done unknowingly, and hints towards the need for more awareness.

The situation becomes even more hapless when families do not have reputable electricians in North Charleston, SC within their reach.


It’s highly recommended to always have one of the most professional and expert electricians in North Charleston, SC on your speed dial.


With that taken care of, your next focus should be on how not to handle your appliances. We are highlighting some of the most common ways that most homeowners mishandle electrical appliances:

·     Placing Appliances Too Close to Water

Never operate any appliance too close to water. Appliances such as toaster ovens that heat food use high heating elements that require high-voltage. If anyone comes in direct contact with such an appliance, it can cause a severe electric shock. One way that this can happen is by operating these electric appliances too close to water.

Radio, hair dryer, phone and other devices should also never be kept near the bathroom or the pool. Also, call electricians in North Charleston, SC to thoroughly inspect your house for any misplacement of electrical home appliances.

·     Using Wet Hands

Handling any home appliance with wet hands increases the chances of electrical shocks. One common example is of the hair dryer that most of us grab right after a shower or a bath.

·     Using Heavy Metal in Microwave or Toaster

Using heavy metal utensils, such as pans, aluminum foil, spoon, fork, etc. in a microwave or a toaster can cause power arcs with fire. Using fork to dislodge the bread from the toaster can also cause an immediate electric shock.

·     Bread Stuck in Toaster

When bread gets jammed in a toaster while it is on, do not try to remove it as it can catch fire.

·     Leaking Refrigerator

The lining of a fridge or a refrigerator often cracks and causes the coolant to leak. This makes the refrigerator work harder and adds up the energy bills. When the refrigerator is unable to maintain temperature below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, it leads to unsafe food storage, and encourages bacteria growth. If you think your refrigerator door is not closing properly, or has crack(s) in the lining, reach out to electricians in North Charleston, SC and have it fixed.

·     Dryer Fire

Dryer fire commonly results from the mishandling and mismanaging of the dryer. It’s always advised to turn to a pro and reach out to an electrician in North Charleston, SC for proper installation and servicing. Dryer fires can be caused when the lint filter is either not in place or not cleaned properly and some of the flammable lint remains inside. Another cause of dryer fire is blockage in the vent pipe, which happens as a result of lack of cleaning.

·     Faulty Wiring

Even the safest home appliances can become a hazard because of faulty wiring. If you ever see any of the signs of faulty wiring, make sure to call one of your trusted electricians in North Charleston, SC for checkup and repair without delay.

A coffee maker and dish washer often give electric shocks as a result of faulty wiring. However, dish washer could be giving electric shock for various reasons. Make sure to turn off the main power source and call reputable electricians in North Charleston, SC if you ever experience this situation. They’ll help you figure out the cause. Most importantly, do not continue to use the dishwasher after an electrical shock as it can lead to bigger damages when in contact with water.

·     Not Being Cautious with Hairdryer / Curlers / Straighteners

Arguably, a hairdryer is one of the most hazardous home appliances. It has caused a large number of fires and in turn, injuries. One main reason is its use right after taking a bath or using it in the bathroom. The old and sprayed cords of a hairdryer also pose fire risks. Similarly, do not leave hair appliances left running and on flammable surfaces as it can lead to disastrous consequences.

·     Heater Fire and Gas Release

Heater fires are so risky that they have caused massive number of human loss, especially in places with extreme winters.

Heaters are, well heated and anything placed in their vicinity that is flammable can catch fire. Cushions, duvet, clothes, oil, and any other flammable items near the heater can result in overheating and fire.

Faulty wiring and frayed cords can also cause fire overnight while everyone is sleeping. It’s strongly advised to have your heaters checked and serviced at the start of every winter and preferably once again by professional electricians in North Charleston, SC.

Another way a heater can be lethal is if when it leaks excessive gases such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and formaldehyde. Not only can it cause long-term diseases and worsen the condition of asthma patients, but it can be fatal after the release of gases overnight.

If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation with your home appliance, or if you believe you have mishandled it and it can pose a danger, then have it checked by the electricians in North Charleston, SC before using it again. Broken appliances with exposed wires and electrical parts must also never be used until the electricians in North Charleston, SC have fixed and repaired them.

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