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New Year Resolution for Electrical Safety at Home | Electrician in Summerville, SC

New Year Resolution for Electrical Safety at Home | Electrician in Summerville, SC

2018 is upon us and it is time for writing and following a New Year resolution for the year. While all of us are focused on health and wellness in our New Years revolution, it would be great if we focused on other aspects related to this as well. Most resolutions currently span around the line of diet and weight loss, exercise regimes and relationship goals to name a few examples. However, if there is one addition that we can make here is the inclusion of electrical safety in our New Year vows.

We know that your daily excursions to the drive thru and the habit for messing up your relationships is bad and should be dropped in 2018, but all these electrical neglects are likewise bad for you and your home. By banishing these habits and taking care of electrical safety this New Year you can not only make room for more safety at home, but can also eradicate any semblance of risk that can make electric hazards a hassle for you to manage.

When you think about electricity at home, you wonder what you can replace, why you should call over an electrician in Summersville, SC and what you can do to get your home’s electrical setup in pristine condition. Here we have a list of things that you should implement in your home to improve the performance of your electrical setup and to reap the benefits of a good managed state of affairs within the home.

Switch Out Light Bulbs for LEDs

Although buying energy efficient LEDs may look like a big cost up front, these lights actually end up paying for themselves as time passes by. This difference in price is cut down through the energy savings that is guaranteed by energy efficient LED bulbs. Not only do LED bulbs last for more than 35 times longer than the average light bulbs, but they also consume 75 per cent less energy; now that is a deal that you won’t like missing out on.

Besides the advantages we have already mentioned, including LED bulbs in your New Year resolution and into your home would mean that you get peace of mind. The peace of mind you get is guaranteed through the reduced emission of heat from the bulbs, the durability of the LED bulbs since they don’t just shatter into pieces and the decreased threat of an electrical fire wreaking havoc within your home. Most of the LED bulbs also have a good guarantee period of 3 years which is higher than the industry average for all other sorts. So, in short you won’t just save on the maintenance cost but will also see a reduction in the brunt of the electrical costs. Basically, there is no reason why you should not be getting these.

Manage Cords Properly

Most electricians in Summersville, SC are appalled by how people use cords and wires in their home. Since they are in common use at most homes, cords are often subject to much neglect, which can backfire through an accident. It is extremely imperative that you make managing cords properly part of your New Year resolution, because this is one change that you should implement.

Cords are not jump ropes and nor are they leashes or clothes lines. They should only be used to fulfill the purpose they are made for and nothing else. If they are being used for anything besides their intended purpose then you are actually neglecting the hazard that is present whenever a cord breaks or is touched by an inquisitive child. If you see cracks, frays or kinks in the cord then you should probably get them replaced or have them repaired for an electrician in Summersville, SC to live a safer life this New Year.

Safety with Outlets

As important as it is to be safe with cords, it is also of utmost importance that you practice safety with your outlets. These outlets or sockets are often attracted towards unwelcome objects that eventually end up causing a spark or even a fire in many cases. Moreover, it is important that all the outlets in your house are placed out of the reach of children under 3. Children of a tender age can often experience sudden shocks or even mishaps when they play with sockets. Always have an eye out on your kids and place sockets out of their reach for precaution.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Besides just reducing your food intake and the number of hours you spend sleeping, you can also include reducing your energy consumption in your New Year resolution. Fortunately there are many ways you can follow to reduce the electrical consumption within your home.

A few methods you can implement for seeing a drastic change in the consumption of electricity in your home are: turning the lights out for a room once you are leaving, unplugging all electrical devices once you are done using them, always look out for devices that are turned on and by using energy efficient devices at home. Even the smallest steps in this regard can create a real difference as everything you do in this regard has an impact on the overall energy consumption. Moreover, if you are concerned about the increasing bills at home, you can have an electrician in Summersville, SC come over and check the electrical appliances and make any replacements if considered necessary.

House Surge Protector

There is no guarantee or limit to the surge of electricity that can suddenly envelope your home. A random disruption or stormy weather outside can destroy electronic devices due to a high increase in surge. To decrease the extent of the damage from power surges, you can install a power surge protector in the whole house. This will ensure that all your appliances and electrical devices in the home are protected from high surge this year.

If you want to start this year as a responsible citizen by altering a few things in your home then you can get in touch with a professional electrician in Summersville, SC by contacting Mister Sparky.

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