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The Pros and Cons of Getting a SMART Meter | Electrical Services in North Charleston, SC

Are you heading out of your home at the end of every month to tap on the meter screen to find out what’s the latest reading? Maybe, this time the dial had broken and since you had no knowledge about, the needle simply kept spinning. You never know if the meter is showing the right or wrong reading and this can cost you thousands of dollars. After all, there’s no other way you can measure how much gas and electricity had been used in your house this month. Or is there?

Well, we can think of one: a SMART meter. Instead of calling electrical services in North Charleston, SC for a repair, call them for installing this device.

What’s a SMART Meter?

Similar to an analog meter, a SMART meter measures usage of electricity and gas. The difference between a SMART and the standard meter is that the former has a connection to your home’s energy supplier through the mobile network. The data is shared directly with them and you don’t have to worry about being charged extra on your bill. Perhaps, the best thing about a SMART meter is that it provides more detailed data of the units being used by displaying the numbers on the portable unit. This little device can be placed anywhere in your house. To get the meter installed, call a reputed provider of electrical services in North Charleston, SC. The meter will go right where the old meter is installed.

Should I Invest In a SMART Meter For My House?

Around 50% of the population in the US has SMART meters installed in their house. As of 2017, the total number of meters in residential, commercial, industrial and transportation areas amount to 80 million. The government has decided to target utility companies so that by 2020, all homes have a SMART meter installed by electricians in North Charleston, SC.

You are probably wondering whether you should get one or not. Before making a decision, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this SMART technology.

Pros of a SMART Meter

1.   No Need to Take Meter Readings

As mentioned earlier, the meter is connected to a mobile network, which sends the readings to your utility company. The data is transmitted continuously and there’s no need to measure the reading yourself or send it to the utility company. All you have to do is pay the bill at the end of the month. No fuss, no muss!

2.   More Accurate Bills

A SMART meter provides real-time data as compared to the analog meter, which is based on estimation. This is why electricians in North Charleston, SC recommend this device. When it comes to the latter meter type, there’s a possibility that you might be overcharged. If by luck, you do get undercharged, there’s no saying what the next reading will cost you. Neither of these scenarios is desirable.

3.   Accurate Data Encourages Better Usage

Since the portable display unit is in front of you all the time, you can modify your behavior based on the reading. If its winter and the air conditioner run from morning till night with no rest, then the display will indicate your electricity usage. This will allow you to change the thermostat setting if the reading is not desirable. In short, you will be better able to manage your electricity usage.

4.   Good for a Prepaid Meter

For those homeowners who operate on a prepaid meter, calculating how much credit is left is quite easy. Moreover, this allows you to use electricity and gas wisely.

5.   Accurate Data Allows You to Spot Energy Loss

If during one month, the reading is too high than the average, then you know one of the appliances is at fault. You will easily be able to identify the problem and call emergency electrician In North Charleston, SC for a repair.

Cons of a SMART Meter

1.   Most of the SMART Meters Cannot Be Transferred

Let’s assume that your SMART meter is connected to an energy provider in your area. After a few years, you decide to change houses and take your SMART meter with you. You call for electrical services in North Charleston, SC and get the meter removed. Later, you find out that the energy provider does not operate in this area. This is a dilemma that could have been solved easily if you had shopped around while buying the meter. Chances are you will have to note down the reading and send it to your new energy provider.

2.   Date Sharing 24/7

Some people find it a little intrusive that every time they use energy, their every move is reported to the utility company. A detailed analysis is given to the company, which allows them to target you through advertising. This can be a little annoying, which is why most homeowners opt out of it.

3.   Transfer of Data Depends on the Mobile Connection

If the area you are living in has poor signals, then accurate data will not be transmitted to the utility company. Make sure that you have chosen a reliable internet career that works 24/7 and when the signals are down, you are informed about the repair time.

4.   You Cannot Go Back to the Analogue Meter

Once the SMART meter is installed by an emergency electrician In North Charleston, SC, you cannot go back to the analog meter. So, be sure that you want to make this change.

5.   Faulty Installation

People have reported issues with the installation that’s causing the meter to send the wrong reading. So make sure that the electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC you are hiring are professionals and have installed SMART meters before.

While the pros do outweigh the cons, it all depends on how you feel about a device measuring your every move. As long as you are taking full advantage of it, you will be able to make pretty big changes in the ways you use electricity and gas. SMART technology is a little intrusive, which is why most people don’t opt for it. However, they do make your life pretty easy.

Matters concerning the gas line and electrical outlets and wires should always be handled by professional electrical contractors in North Charleston, SC. Mister Sparky is America’s renowned and on-time electricians in North Charleston, SC that offer services for installation of ceiling fans, lighting and electrical outlets, as well as all kinds of electrical repairs. For further information about their services, call at 843-303-9833.


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