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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Ceiling Fans | Electricians in North Charleston, SC

Are you planning to install a new ceiling fan in your house? Do you need expert help in choosing the right type of fan to fit your space? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Professional electricians in North Charleston, SC know the importance of selecting a ceiling fan that best matches your needs. It is a one-time investment so it’s important that you invest your money in the right type of ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans are important for proper air circulation inside the house. They are used all year round. Hence, you must invest your hard-earned money in buying a robust and high-quality ceiling fan. Apart from that, if you wish that your ceiling fan lasts for a long time, you need to clean it regularly and hire electricians in North Charleston, SC to inspect your ceiling fan for electrical faults.

Installing a ceiling fan also helps you save up on your electricity bill. A ceiling fan, if used in the right way along with your heating and cooling systems, can save you a lot of money. Isn’t it wonderful that you’ll save money without making any effort? All you need to do is buy a ceiling fan and hire an electrician in North Charleston, SC to install it in your house. Hiring reliable electricians is super easy when you have Mister Sparky by your side and choosing the right type of fan for your house will turn out to be a piece of cake when you follow these fantastic tips.

Size Matters

In case of ceiling fans, size isn’t just a number. It’s much more than that. If you install a ceiling fan that does not match the size of your room, then you’ve wasted your money unfortunately. A ceiling fan that’s not in accordance with the size of the room will fail to circulate air efficiently throughout the room. Moreover, it will make your room look disproportionate and give a bad impression to people who visit your house.

Imagine standing in a big room with fancy furniture and extravagant lighting. You raise your head to look at the ceiling and notice a small-sized ceiling fan hanging from the top. How would you feel? Well, the fan would destroy the positive aura of the expensive furniture and lighting system. Electricians in North Charleston, SC suggest that homeowners should select an appropriate fan which matches the room size as well as the furnishings.

Flipping the Switch

Ceiling fans come with a switch that controls the direction of rotation of the fan blades. If the fan blades rotate counterclockwise, they will push cool air downwards and if they rotate clockwise they will shove warm air that’s accumulated near the ceiling.

During summers, you should flip the switch on the counterclockwise option and use the ceiling fan along with an air conditioner. This will help circulate cool air in your room. During winters, flip the switch to set the fan on clockwise rotation so that your room can be warmed up efficiently in the extremely cold winter months. Electricians in North Charleston, SC suggest that you should check the switch option before buying a ceiling fan for your house.

Fancy Fans

Ceiling fans come in all sorts of designs and styles. Some have thin sleek blades while others have wide ones. If you’re planning to add a vintage touch to your room, choose a fan with wooden blades. Moreover, ceiling fans come in a wide variety of colors including white, black, brown, rustic, and bronze. Choose the color according to the interior decoration of your house.

Some ceiling fans have a light fixture attached to them. They serve the purpose of providing light as well as circulating air within a room. You should invest in a fan with built-in lights if you wish to give your room an elegant touch. The built-in light is customizable and can be bought in different colors and exceptional finishes.

Electricians in North Charleston, SC recommend buying fancy fans to give your room a unique touch as well as circulate air efficiently throughout the room.

Control the Fan

Modern ceiling fans come with the option of controlling them using a remote control. This saves you from getting out of your comfortable bed to switch the fan on or alter its speed. You can control the fan while relaxing in your soft and cozy bed.

This type of fans need a lot of care and attention. You need to check the batteries and replace them regularly. Also, the receiver on the fan must be free of dust and dirt so that it can receive signals from the remote control.

To maintain remote-controlled ceiling fans, you need to hire reliable electricians in North Charleston, SC who can regularly check your ceiling fans and eliminate any problems that are associated with them.

Cut the Noise

When you turn the fan on, its blades rotate and cut the air present around it. This creates a light monotonous sound all the time the fan is rotating. This sound comes as a part of the fan and cannot be eliminated. However, if your fan creates any other noise apart from this sound, you need to get it checked by a professional. Faulty motor and electrical components present inside the fan can contribute to producing loud unwanted noises when the ceiling fan works. Electricians in North Charleston, SC can identify the possible causes of noise by carefully inspecting the internal components of your ceiling fan.

While buying a new fan for your house, you should invest in an expensive one which is made by using the top-quality motor and other electrical components including inductors and capacitors. High quality fan components do not wear off easily, hence the fan won’t produce unusual noises even after using it for a long time.

The Bottom Line

When you decide to buy new fans for your house, make sure you follow all the above-mentioned useful tips. They will save you from investing your hard-earned money in buying the wrong type of fan for your house. To install a ceiling fan in your house, contact Mister Sparky. They provide the best electricians in North Charleston, SC who know what it takes to carry out electrical work at home safely. Click here to visit their website or give them a call at 843-303-9833.


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