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Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Ceiling Fan | Electrical Service in North Charleston, SC

Ceiling fans are an integral component in any American home. They provide adequate circulation of air in your home or office. With the growing heat in North Charleston, a ceiling fan working at its optimum is the need of the hour.

Ceiling fans are a smarter choice because of their affordability in comparison to the costly air conditioners. Moreover you will save a lot of money with ceiling fans as your bills expenses’ would be lower due to the lesser amount of energy used by ceilings fans. However, buying a ceiling fan is not as straight-forward decision as it may seem. You have to keep in mind a lot of factors before buying one and installing it through an electrical service in North Charleston, SC.

Ceiling fan is not merely a tool that provides you with cool air but it is also one of the most noticeable appliances in your home. Anyone visiting your home will judge the condition and looks of your ceiling fan as a major factor regarding the overall beauty of your home. Therefore, you cannot have an old and ugly ceiling fan in your home if you want to improve your home’s decor.


Many customers focus on blades of a ceiling fan first. Ceiling fans can have a number of blades from 3 to 5. Some people think that the air moved throughout the room depends on the number of blades. However, experts of electrical services in North Charleston, SC explain that air is moved by the angles of blade. With angles of 13-14 of a blade, a ceiling fan will work the best. Fan blades can’t be dissimilar and hence should be compared. Blades with different dimensions can create an issue with the fan.

Fans with more blades than 3 look prettier and are a good option if you are more interested in decorating your home with the ceiling fan. They also provide less noise however they are less efficient than three blades.

Different Sizes for Different Rooms:

According to electrical services in North Charleston, SC installing a fan in the living room and installing it in your bed room are separate scenarios. Different types of fans will be suited in different parts of your home.

Electrical services in North Charleston, SC, further explain that a normal room needs a ceiling fan with the size of 50-55 inches. Likewise, wash rooms are smaller and hence fans with 40 inches are sufficient for them. Lastly, you must also take into account the decoration of your room and plan a ceiling fan with aesthetics that match your room’s designs.

Larger rooms require the installation of fans with larger sizes. Electrical services in North Charleston, SC recommended choosing large size of fans for rooms that are larger than standard rooms. Large rooms with 400 square feet need fans with 54 inches. Often a single fan is not good enough for rooms with large size. Thus, installing 2 ceiling fans in a large room is a good solution in these scenarios.

 Saving Costs:

Experts from electrical services in North Charleston, SC emphasize that you cannot expect to use your air conditioner all the time at its best. Using air conditioner will cause you to gain a lot of higher bills. Then how to save your family from the hot summer? Ceiling fans come to the rescue. One of the things that make ceiling fans a valuable appliance is its less consumption of energy. If you have to battle the heat worries as well as fix your budget problems, a ceiling fan can be a good friend.

Running air conditioner with a ceiling fan can decrease your bills significantly. Moreover, if you modify the settings of your thermostat and increase it in the presence of a working ceiling fan, then you can save more than 35 percent in utility bills as well as having your room getting less warm by 5-10 percent.

Friend in Colder Times:

Many people do not realize but the applications of a ceiling fan are not limited to hot days but it can also come pretty handy on chilled nights. On colder days, you can change the working of your ceiling fan by reversing it. This can help the hotter air that resides in the upper part of your room to travel to the lower parts of your room, thus providing you with another source of warmth. Therefore, Electrical services in North Charleston, SC support the inclusion of ceiling fans in your homes.

Quality and Savings VS Purchasing Costs:

Some ceiling fans can be easily purchased at prices less than $50. But these fans are of inferior quality that will waste your money. According to experts from Electrical services in North Charleston, SC, some companies sell subpar fans made in China which are sold at various shops around USA with the lure to sell them in the cheapest prices.

An expensive fan may seem like an unnecessary option to some but it is one of the best decisions you will take. A ceiling fan remains in your home for lot of years and thus it is an important investment. Fans with expensive prices also are energy efficient thus you will easily get the costs of your purchase back in a short period of time. Electrical services in North Charleston, SC advises people to buy the fans with the best quality irrespective of their prices if they want their fans to last long with adequate air circulation and receive lower bills.

Ultimately, buying a ceiling fan is an important decision for your household and you so if you need an electrical service in North Charleston, SC that can not only you guide you the best in determining which fan to buy but also install the fan properly in your home. Mister Sparky can happily help you in this regard. With more than 20 years of experience, you will not find a better option to provide comfort to your home.









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