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Top 10 reasons why you need to hire an electrician | Electrician in Summerville, SC

Depending on the age of your house, the electrical system might need overhauling, upgrading or repair work. New electrical codes are emerging which are designed to make homes much safer, making it a matter of safety to keep up pace with the changes. These can result in electrical savings and reduce the risk of fire hazards.

If your house is particularly old, then it makes it all the more important to meet today’s electrical standards. But you will need to enlist the serves of a top electrician in Summerville, SC to make your electrical wiring safer.

Here are 10 symptoms that it is finally time to have your house ‘audited’ by an electrician in Summerville, SC.

The circuit breakers are tripping too often

If you’re noticing that the electrical beakers are tripping more often than what is usually the norm, it could mean that the circuits are drawing in more current than prescribed by the manufacturer. The three typical reasons why circuit breakers flip are because they are overloaded, because of a short or there was a fault in the ground.

Circuit overloading means that too many devices are working at the same time and are drawing in a lot of power. This usually happens when the refrigerator, television and air conditioner are working on the same electrical outlet which is designed to handle just one of these devices.

Lights are flickering

There are many reasons why the light fixtures would flicker and dim. Certain lighting technology is designed in such a way that they flicker more often than others. For instance, flickering occurs in fluorescent lights within the first few minutes of turning them on because the phosphors take some time to reach peak illumination levels.

LED lights flicker when they are improperly connected to a driver or dimming systems which naturally inhibit the capability of the LED light to illuminate properly.

The main reason why most light bulbs flicker is because they were attached too loosely into the socket. This is an easy repair and can be done by homeowners themselves, but we would still recommend to hire a professional electrician in Summerville, SC instead. If you want to make these repairs yourself, it is recommended to put on a heavy glove and turn off the switch before tightening the light bulb. Sometimes they tend to get very hot, so it is not advisable to touch them without protective gloves on.

If the light bulb continues to flicker, it means that there is another problem and it is time to ask a professional probe around.

Voltage fluctuation

Voltage fluctuations are dangerous because too much can damage the insulation and too less can incapacitate it, they can even put the life of their users at peril. Power surges and spikes can easily result in the failure of electronic equipment. One of the signs of voltage fluctuation is when the lights begin to flicker around the house. If the bulb dims or burns out unexpectedly, it is a definite sign of a voltage fluctuation.

Poor quality of power supply

When the wires around the house turn into disrepair, their quality runs into disrepair, often resulting in loose or corroded connections. These can cause voltage fluctuations that can be seen as flickering lights.

Loose connections can also cause electric shocks from metal appliances in the surfaces of your home. If the flickering doesn’t stop, then you should have an electrician in Summerville, SC install a surge protector to ensure that your devices don’t burn out.

Poorly grounded wiring

If your outlets won’t accept three prong grounded plugs, then it is an indication that your electrical wiring is not fully grounded. Which means the electrical devices are not safe, and neither are their users. Grounding provides an additional path for electrical current in the event of a short circuit, or when someone comes into direct contact with the equipment. The current is redirected elsewhere and it could result in tripping the circuit breaker or cause a blown fuse. Without proper grounding, you risk getting electrocuted and other dangerous consequences.

It is important therefore to ground all the wiring in the house properly if it isn’t properly done so, and this requires the aid of a professional electrician in Summerville, SC.

Wet areas around the house

Wet regions of the house include the kitchen and bathroom, or any place which has running water. These areas require outlets which are protected by Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) which installation from an expert. These circuit breakers are designed to shut off electric power in the event of a power failure within as little as 1/40thof a second. The technology is extremely precise and stops the leakages even if the current is as little as 0.05 amps.

A good way of comparing it would be this way: a normal breaker trips when there is a disturbance of more than 10 amps, but a GFCI trips leaks electricity as small as 0.005 amps. It is important to realize that humans can be harmed by as little as 1 amp, which drives home the message that a GFCI is an extremely important breaker that every house should utilize.

The rust is taking over

Sometimes rust or moisture begins to build up under the main service panel. This is a major threat to the primary wiring connections within the panel and could result in fluctuations and outright power-breaks throughout the house. This disrepair requires a professional to handle and should not be attempted by homeowners at all because of the inherent danger associated on working the main wiring connections of the house.

If your home is older than 25

Technology is continuing to improve at a fast pace, this means that more savings can be made and more safety can be created around the house. Older houses have outdated wiring systems which can jeopardize everyone’s safety. It is important to have an electrician in Summerville, SC inspect and bring it up to the standards demanded by today’s highly connected world.

Whether you want your house thoroughly inspected by experts or you seek repairs and maintenance work by professional, give the highly trained electricians at Mister Sparky in Summerville, SC a call. Visit our website at https://mistersparkyelectricsc.com

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