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Emergency Electrical Services in Charleston, Mount Pleasant SC and Surrounding Areas

Due to potential safety hazards and fire risks, some electrical problems can’t wait. If you need emergency electrical services in Charleston or Mount Pleasant, you can count on Mister Sparky to provide convenient repairs that are backed by our on-time guarantee.

Signs That Your Home Needs Emergency Electrical Attention

If your home is 20 to 25 years old, the electrical system could benefit from a few upgrades. While some projects can be completed gradually or as needed, other items require immediate attention. You never know if the broken outlet might start a fire or whether that faulty circuit breaker is actually overheating. Problems that appear minor on the surface sometimes cause major safety issues down the road. To protect your family and your home, call an electrician if you notice any of these warning signs.

  • Burning smells or chemical odors
  • Defective or damaged circuit breakers
  • Discoloration or soot around outlets
  • Faulty light switches or receptacles
  • Flickering lights or power interruptions
  • Light bulbs that burn out frequently
  • Overheating outlets or power cords
  • Sparks and electrical crackling noises
  • Sudden shocks from outlets or switches

Preventing Safety Hazards

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation, arcing faults are responsible for more than 28,000 house fires and hundreds of injuries every year. Small electrical problems, such as defective outlets and switches that send sparks behind the wall, cause more than $700 million in property damage annually. These hazards also destroy appliances, including computers, home entertainment systems, and refrigerators that contain sensitive microprocessors. Worst of all, damaged electrical equipment can cause painful injuries.

What to Do During an Electrical Emergency

If your electrical system is malfunctioning and you can access the breaker box safely, start by turning off the main circuit breaker box. Before attempting any troubleshooting steps, call us, or contact your local utility company. Never risk your safety by attempting electrical work on your own. If you need emergency electrical repairs, our experienced professionals will diagnose the hazard and correct the problem while meeting all code requirements. In most cases, Charleston County doesn’t require building permits for minor repairs, so we can complete the job on the spot to help you avoid future safety issues.

Although electrical malfunctions can be inconvenient, our professionals make the repair process as pleasant and painless as possible. We also perform urgent upgrades needed to accommodate medical equipment or new appliances. At Mister Sparky, “We’re On Time, You’ll See, Or The Repair Is Free!” Plus, we offer a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. Call us anytime. We perform emergency electrical services around the clock for homeowners in Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Summerville, North Charleston, and surrounding areas.

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